Smart Cities

Our screens display localized content, promoting local events and shops. In return, cities save taxpayer money while improving city air quality. Thanks to our smart stations, cities can collect data on weather, air quality, community engagement, urban flows, and much more according to their needs.

Benefits for smart cities

Smarter Urban Life

Improve city appeal by integrating stations at destination points and exemplify tech-friendly administration. Our agnostic charging infrastructure is compatible with electric cars and scooters, as well as e-bikes.

Improve Air Quality

Remove 12 tons of CO2 each year per station and reduce incidence of pollution-caused health problems.

Empower Citizens

Inspire citizens about the future: generate collaboration and entrepreneurship on sustainable technology thanks to dynamic public service announcements and tailored content to best serve citizens.

Customizable Functionalities

Announce city events and public reminders, with built-in sensors and modules that can be programmed according to city needs, such as WiFi, interactive city maps and emergency services.

Partnered Smart Cities

About Spark Horizon

Founded in 2017, Spark Horizon is on a mission to accelerate the global transition to electric mobility. We’ve seen that the lack in charging infrastructure is the biggest impediment to wider electric adoption, so we’re tackling this issue head on.

Let’s lead the electric revolution – together.


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