Station features

DUAL FAST charging

Our charging station delivers dual 22 kWh AC/DC charging for 2 vehicles at a time, providing full charge within 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Universal Compatibility

Our service is compatible with 99% of vehicles on the market, through full plug & play compatibility.

wifi & Bluetooth connectivity

Our charging station also provides free WiFi and Bluetooth for communities nearby.

Smart grid friendly

Our charging station can balance dynamic loads and requires no updates to electric grids.

End-to-end Services

complete MONITORING & supervision

Our charging station is under remote supervision 24/7, and we provide full maintenance on-site.

Easy media management

Our content management platform allows easy media upload and simplified customization for brand labelling and logos.

CRM & data analytics

One platform to manage everything: users, identifications, loyalty bonuses, audience anonymous & aggregated demographics.

Cloud management

Our charging station is connected and managed through cloud infrastructure.

companion app

Full access to europe

Access to 50,000 charging stations through roaming across Europe - and growing everyday.

Price Transparency

See real-time and verified charging rates at stations - no more price uncertainty.


Through charging history, favorite lists, and specific car data, experience personalized charging recommendations and offers.

About Spark Horizon

Founded in 2017, Spark Horizon is on a mission to accelerate the global transition to electric mobility. We’ve seen that the lack in charging infrastructure is the biggest impediment to wider electric adoption, so we’re tackling this issue head on.

Let’s lead the electric revolution – together.


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