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Create a memorable shopping experience for your customers with sustainable and futuristic technology. Spark Horizon installs and operates the best fast charging EV stations at premium destinations, paving the way for the acceleration of EV adoption.

Benefits for retailers

Increase Frequency + Time

Our charging stations are 5x more likely to be used than regular pay-per-use stations, causing EV drivers to consistently return for a sponsored charge. EV drivers increase their dwell time by 50% more than average shoppers.

Increase Revenue

EV drivers are affluent, tech-savvy, and trendsetters. EV drivers will return more regularly, stay longer at shops and spend 46% more than average shoppers.

Become a Lifestyle Center

Support an energy service that adds another valuable function to shopping centers, where shoppers charge their cars, socialize, and shop at their leisure.

Competitive Appeal

Showcase an advanced technology property image and differentiate yourself from competing retailers, attracting more return customers.

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About Spark Horizon

Founded in 2017, Spark Horizon is on a mission to accelerate the global transition to electric mobility. We’ve seen that the lack in charging infrastructure is the biggest impediment to wider electric adoption, so we’re tackling this issue head on.

Let’s lead the electric revolution – together.


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