Create a memorable advertising campaign for target audiences. Spark Horizon operates EV charging stations at premium destinations where brands showcase insight-driven campaigns on our captivating charging stations.

Benefits for brands

Data-Driven Campaigns

Our stations analyze data on the demographics of drivers & communities, including gender, age, and mood. Brands leverage this data to create more effective campaigns for their respective audiences.

Target Audiences

Brands directly interact with EV drivers who are high-spending, tech-savvy, and trendsetters. Brands develop deep understanding of local audiences, easily modify content, & maximize effectiveness of each impression. 

Increase Conversion Rate

Our stations command driver and community attention. Attracted by the striking design, audiences engage with our station ads for longer, intenser times and leave with a memorable impression. 

Stand Out From Competition

Lead the advertising industry by marketing on intelligent infrastructure, showcasing brand innovation and forward-thinking spirit to audience. Build a positive image through supporting a valuable & sustainable service for communities. 

Easy Media Management

Our ad booking platform is connected to DSPs and CMS for easy media management. Brands change advertisements & upload content through a simple online connection.

Our Advertising Clients

About Spark Horizon

Founded in 2017, Spark Horizon is on a mission to accelerate the global transition to electric mobility. We’ve seen that the lack in charging infrastructure is the biggest impediment to wider electric adoption, so we’re tackling this issue head on.

Let’s lead the electric revolution – together.


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